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As a former police officer, I used to help prosecute these charges for the State. Now, let me use my training and experience to combat these charges for you in court.” Jay Arnesen, Esq., Criminal Defense Attorney

Batterers’ Intervention Programs in Florida

According to State law, any person who has had adjudication withheld on, pleads “no contest” to, or is found guilty of a crime of domestic violence, may be required to complete a court-ordered batterers’ intervention program as a condition of his or her term of probation, community supervision, or other form of community control, which must extend for a minimum term of 1 year. Notably, the program is funded at the expense of the defendant and may be included in addition to a term of incarceration as one of the conditions of his or her sentence.

Batterers’ Intervention Programs are discussed specifically in Chapter 741, Section 32 of the Florida Statutes, wherein lawmakers state:

“The Legislature finds that there should be standardized programming available to the justice system to protect victims and their children and to hold the perpetrators of domestic violence accountable for their acts.”

Referencing the aforementioned programming, Chapter 741, Section 218 mandates the imposition of said programming in cases of domestic violence under the following conditions:

If a person is found guilty of, has had adjudication withheld on, or has pled nolo contendere to a crime of domestic violence, as defined in section 741.28, that person shall be ordered by the court to a minimum term of 1 year’s probation and the court shall order that the defendant attend a batterers’ intervention program as a condition of probation. The court must impose the condition of the batterers’ intervention program for a defendant under this section, but the court, in its discretion, may determine not to impose the condition if it states on the record why a batterers’ intervention program might be inappropriate. The court must impose the condition of the batterers’ intervention program for a defendant placed on probation unless the court determines that the person does not qualify for the batterers’ intervention program pursuant to section 741.325. Effective July 1, 2002, the batterers’ intervention program must be a certified program under section 741.32. The imposition of probation under this section shall not preclude the court from imposing any sentence of imprisonment authorized by section 775.082.

The commonly-imposed enrollment period for a batterers’ intervention program is 29 weeks and failure to complete the course, which involves 24 weekly sessions, may result in criminal charges for contempt, as this represents a violation of one of the conditions of probation.

I Have to Enroll in a Batterers’ Intervention Program – What Does this Mean?

In cases of domestic violence in Florida, a defendant who is sentenced to a court-imposed batterers’ intervention program will generally be responsible for attending 24 weekly sessions over a period of 29 weeks. Although this is the typical duration of a batterers’ intervention program, the presiding judge in a given case may choose to alter these conditions at his or her discretion.

Ultimately, if you are required to enroll in one of these programs as a condition of your probation, you are also responsible for paying for the sessions involved and may even face a prison term in addition to program attendance. Also, you can be charged with a criminal offense known as “contempt” if you fail to complete the batterers’ intervention program.

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