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Jay Arnesen is a former police officer who retired early after a near-fatal car accident on the job. He now devotes his time and practice solely to defending citizens facing criminal and DUI charges. With offices conveniently located in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, Mr. Arnesen appears in criminal courts throughout South Florida on a daily basis. Contact our offices anytime at 561-419-9630 for a free initial consultation.

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Expungements in Florida: FAQ’s

You may be unaware of this, but if you have been arrested and/or convicted of a crime in Florida, you may be eligible for an expungement, which is a legal process that ultimately results in a clean criminal record if approved by the State. This will allow you to answer “no” when asked if you have ever been arrested or convicted of a crime on an application for employment, educational institution, or community organization. It will also result in a clear background check if an interested party inquires as to whether or not you have a criminal record. Below is a list of answers to common questions that you may be asking yourself when thinking about pursuing an expungement.

  1. Is this a one-shot deal or can I expunge my record more than once?
    1. You are only eligible for one expungement over the course of your life. Importantly, you can include more than one arrest in your expungement petition, but cannot file more than one expungement in your life. Also, if you have been granted an expungement outside of the State, you are no longer eligible for an expungement in Florida.
  2. What is the Difference between Sealing my record and Expunging it?
    1. If your record has been sealed, it is not permanently erased but is no longer accessible to the general public. This means that certain parties, such as the Florida Bar, the Department of Children and Families, or a criminal justice agency may be able to view your record if you apply for licensing or employment with one of these entities. Conversely, if your record has been expunged, entities like the ones above will be notified that you have been granted an expungement but will be unable to view any of the records that were ultimately expunged.
  3. How do I know if I am eligible for an expungement in Florida?
    1. Chapter 943, Sections 0585 and 059 address the specific eligibility requirements for an expungement in Florida, with certain offenses that are never eligible and others that require a waiting period, depending on the specific case and its resolution. Typically, if your offense is among those that are eligible for expungement, a period of five years must elapse from the date of your conviction before you can file an expungement petition with the State.
  4. What offenses are not eligible for expungement in Florida?
    1. All of the offenses that are ineligible for expungement in Florida are listed in Chapter 943, Section 059, some of which include both misdemeanor and felony convictions for driving under the influence (DUI), kidnapping, robbery, and carjacking. For a complete list of ineligible offenses, access the following link: Offenses that are Ineligible for Expungement.
  5. How long does the expungement process usually take?
    1. In typical cases, the entire expungement procedure can be completed over a period of 6 months, at the conclusion of which the State will provide you with documentation that your record has been expunged.
  6. Are there any impediments that may lead to the denial of my petition for expungement?
    1. The State’s attorney may choose to oppose your expungement petition for a number of reasons, some of which may include: pending charges against you, multiple arrests on your record (even if they did not result in a criminal conviction), alcohol-related offenses, or domestic violence incidents.
  7. I want to expunge my record – what is the next step?
    1. Although you can attempt to complete the lengthy and complex expungement process on your own, it is best to consult with a knowledgeable attorney who can assist you with such a serious matter. With an experienced attorney facilitating the expungement process on your behalf, you can rest assured that your expungement is completed with the best chances of success, allowing you to move forward with your life unhindered by a mistake from the past.

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